Chungdahm Philippines, Inc.

Since 2008, Chungdahm Philippines has been committed to providing high-quality yet cost-effective online ESL service to key clients. In 10 years, the company has expanded its market not only to Korea, but to other parts of Asia. From a small, humble company, Chungdahm Philippines has grown into an enterprise with more than 200 exceptional teachers helping countless numbers of learners from South Korea, China, and Japan.

More than a source of livelihood, Chungdahm Philippines has become an indispensable help towards its employees' career, social, and personal growth. Improvements along the years have given everyone happiness and satisfaction with the company's eye on its people’s well-being.

With all the expertise of more than a decade of shared experiences and success, Chungdahm Philippines is poised to take flight and reach higher. We are serious about our vision of becoming the number one online ESL service provider in the country.

Our Vision

Learn and master the English language to a whole new perspective and level.

Chungdahm Philippines believes ESL learners should be given the opportunity to become multilingual, global citizens who are flexible and creative thinkers. We give them the chance to develop their linguistic skills, discover new activities, and apply various effective learning techniques. Our learners will be immersed in a world full of interesting and fun ways of awakening their creativity, cultivating their knowledge, and enriching their experience.

Our Training

Chungdahm Philippines guarantees optimal learning by incorporating Chungdahm’s key programs specializing in English Speaking and Writing. Our qualified teachers are fully equipped with our in-house intensive training and experience to ensure that our students obtain the most beneficial learning possible. Our programs provide modern techniques and strategies catering to the needs of the learners to become globally competitive in mastering and using the English language.